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When Hats Are Boring - from November 7, 2019

Classic Pillbox

Simplicity is elegant. As much as we try, sometimes papale turn out boring.

Side view of Pillbox
Top view of Lauhala Stewardess Hat

While it is not good for the koana to be blocked and reblocked repeatedly, sometimes it’s worth changing up the first try. I liked how the Pillbox turned out originally, but as time went by it started to seem boring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m generally not “EXTRA.” I love classic lines. But this papale was plain. So I built up the nerve and attempted re-blocking it into a Stewardess Hat. It looked better, but still a little utilitarian. I still had some lauhala I had collected while visiting Kaua’i over 10 years ago. It had kept very well. I made the rose and spiral shoots with it. After adding the floral embellishment I think it looks much better and ready for a night (or day) out.

Pillbox re-blocked to a Stewardess with Floral Embellishment

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