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Makaloa Update: It’s a Sassy Hat! - from November 27, 2019

[From February 2019 to May 2020 I tried blogging with  Although it was fun at first and I received compliments and good feedback, it was time consuming.  I'd rather be weaving.  There were some entries about lauhala that I thought may be entertaining here at  In the past I tried not to post my own personal lauhala stuff on but now think evolving is important.  I'll keep all the weaving events in the "News" section. The first few of these blog entries will be copied and pasted here as I will not be renewing the domain.  It may be out there in cyberspace in perpetuity, but in case it actually does disappear I'll have my favorite entries available here.  And BTW, "EH" means my "Excellent Husband."]

The Sassy Hat is an original style created by my kumu, Margaret Lovett, on Kaua’i. It’s a wonderful style, dressy, and yet perfect for bad hair days.

As for the makaloa… Lots of lessons learned! First off, make sure your makaloa is completely dry before weaving. I did a LOT of splicing and covering of the broken pieces. Not fun. The papale still turned out pretty cute. I heard someone in Kona is wanting to hold a “Makaloa Festival.” So if they do, I’ll be prepared with something to wear.

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