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Muʻumuʻu Month 2024

Hawaiian style lauhala hat vintage style

Happy Muʻumuʻu Month Kākou!  There were more Muʻumuʻu Month events throughout the State this year.  Although I really wanted to go to Kauaʻi for their events, the farthest west I got was Muʻu at the Museum at Hānaiakamalama.  Its an annual fundraiser for the preservation of Hānaiakamalama, Queen Emma's Summer Palace.  This year’s theme was “Where East Meets West.”  It recognized the significant influence of Chinese culture within Hawaiʻi, and was inspired by the Great Chinese Merchants’ Ball of 1856 in honor of King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma.

I found this vintage Alfred Shaheen on Poshmark.  It was in great condition considering its age. So well made too!  Its only concern was that the hem had dropped in the back.  The seller didn't want to deal with it, so I was able to get it at a nice price. I had to raise the hem anyway to wear it with flats so it worked out well.  Aunty Lei of DeStash Hawaii snapped this pic (above) as I was getting into the food line.  "Shocked" was understatement when I was called up on stage after the secret judges decided I was the "Best Individual Dressed in Theme."   After trying to graciously accept the fabulous smelling tuberose and rose lei, I literally bolted off the stage.  lol.  I'm shy after all.

I seemed to have hit a strange megabyte limit so I was not able to include all the images I wanted.  Had to keep space for The Wall at Hana Hou in Hilo though, IYKYK.  The pāpale collection expanded and is amazing.  EH and I had errands to run so of course we had to pick up our pre-order at Two Ladies Kitchen mochi and talk story with Michelle and Shadi at Hana Hou.  Shadi keeps that store immaculate and so aesthetically pleasing.

Above, left to right:  Nani, Raynette, Me, Agnes, and Cara. 

Nani is the Director of the Aloha Center at Outrigger Keauhou.  She had her hotel bring over Hawaiian Women’s Fashions: Kapa, Cotton and Silk author Agnes Terao-Guiala for Hulu Muʻu, a muʻumuʻu and lei hulu presentation.  It could have been a book signing but her book is completely sold out and actually difficult to find even used online.  And Agnes had been concerned she wouldn't be able to sell them.  lol.  I wore my pīkake Mamo Howell holomū mentioned here.  Mahalo nunui to Aloha for the lovely lei kaunaʻoa he gave to Agnes.  Much appreciated!

The following weekend was Bubbles, Brunch, & Bound in Roses, a muʻu fundraiser for the preservation of Huliheʻe Palace.  For some reason I was not able to upload some of the pictures due to "exceeding the megabyte limits."  I wore a 1980s PK Fashions muʻu I bought last month from DeStash Hawaii.  It was actually a size 4, Iʻm usually an 8 or 10, but with alterations (armpit gussets!) I was able to wear it comfortably for Muʻumuʻu Month.  "Sizing" is such a mystery when it comes to vintage and current clothing.

Later that day we (above left to right: Lori, Cara, Raynette, me) went to the Muʻu Event at Four Seasons Hualalai.  Lovely, lovely, lovely.  There were heavy pūpū, drinks, music, hula, and purveyors of vintage muʻu and antiques, lauhala from @lauhalamama Glenda Freitas, lei hulu from Noa Makaha, and Nakeʻu Awai Designs

 Above front left to right:  Nakeʻu Awai, me.  Back left to right:  Aloha, Cara, Raynette, and Lori.

Nakeʻu Awai kindly serenaded us as we took pictures together.  Check out Harper's Bazaar December 2023 article about Nakeʻu Awai, the Godfather of Hawaiian Fashion. 

Mahalo nui to Kaʻai, the Kaʻūpūlehu Cultural Center Manager, for the wonderful Muʻumuʻu afternoon.

I just realized that I'm wearing the same pāpale in all the pictures.  lol.  I think because it is a simple style and light even color it goes better with my various muʻumuʻu than my other pāpale. 

Oh wait, I had jury service!

Above:  Jury service lunch recess in a paisley Bete Muʻu.

Yes, I wore muʻumuʻu and pāpale all three days of jury service.  My juror number never got selected.  It was still an educational experience though.  I wore full length muʻu so that my leggings didn't show - it was cold in the Judicial Building air-conditioning!  There were other potential jurors who acted like they never saw a muʻumuʻu before, but the real locals in the building gave lots of compliments.  The Kona Judicial Building might have a funky roofline but the art collection inside is pretty cool.  Jury service recesses were much more pleasant because of the Art in Public Places Program

For Muʻumuʻu Month 2024, thatʻs a wrap!

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