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Vintage Pāpale at the Inaugural Aloha Shirt Festival and October Projects

Hawaiian style lauhala lauhala hat papale papale lauhala Ulana lauhala vintage style


It was the Inaugural Aloha Shirt Festival in Keauhou. It was not well publicized but it's a learning curve and hopefully the future festivals will have better turn out. I went to check out the Aloha Shirts and ended up talking story and learning a lot (of history and life info) from master carver Nalu Andrade.  Mahalo to Nani Kupihe, Cultural Advisor at Outrigger Kona in Keauhou, who took the group selfie above, left to right, it's Nani; Island of Hawai'i Visitor Bureau Destination Manager Rachel Kaiama; me; Nalu Andrade, owner of Na Maka Kahiko, and Nalu's daughter.


There were displays of vintage Aloha wear. There were vendors selling local made products, new clothing, and vintage clothing.  There was live music during the day.  I heard there were fashion shows in the evening programs. 

Discovery Antiques owner Peter Underwood saw me looking at this vintage Royal Hawaiian holomuʻu and let me try it on... Even though it didn't have pockets, it fit great, was well priced, and I loved the colors... SOLD!

Mr. Underwood had quite a collection of vintage pāpale lauhala. Cara came down to check out the collection.

Cara trying on a pāpale with a cute pencil roll brim (12/29/2022 CORRECTION:  It's a Beach-comber brim. I learn something new every time I visit Renee at Kimura's Lauhala Shop!). Peter Underwood of Discovery Antiques holding a "rice bowl" style pāpale. The vintage "rice bowl" had a Kimura's Lauhala Shop tag.

On closer inspection, it's ulana like a "cup & saucer."  It looked super cute on Cara. 

This pāpale had a beautiful crocheted flower lei. I wish I had taken more pictures of the various vintage pāpale and lei in their collection.  The rest of October was spent sketching for Inktober 2022 and catching up on making hīnaʻi lauhala

This was the second time I've participated in "Inktober" and while there are "official prompts" for each day (the challenge is to sketch and post a new ink drawing each day in October), my theme for the month was "pāʻū."  

I'd been meaning to make more hīnaʻi lauhala.  I gave myself a deadline in November for when I'll be going to Oʻahu for a day of ulana with friends. I have 5 hīnaʻi finished so far.  That's about it for now.

P.S. I forgot to share another project that was actually from September,  but it's relevant to  my last year's Inktober theme, "Hala-weenie."  

This is one of eight notecards printed, chosen from the 31 drawings sketched last October.  I forgot to take pictures of the whole set before they were gone.  When I do the next batch (short run prints) I'll be sure to share pics.

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