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Hīnaʻi Lauhala Workshop Coming to Kona, March 11 & 12, 2022

lauhala Lauhala weaving Ulana lauhala

The Hawaiian Church of Hawaiʻi Nei is putting on more workshops to help with the care of Iwi Kupuna. My cousin had sent me info for when they were doing workshops in Hilo back in September 2021. I wasn't able to go. Instead, I sent him one which he took to Maui. I probably won't be able to attend this one coming up at Huliheʻe Palace in March either, but will try to make at least one hīnaʻi lauhala for donation. While one won't be able to keep the finished product(s), this is still a great opportunity to learn the skills and enjoy the fellowship.



It was my first time making hinaʻi after many years. I made this one 15 inches tall and double layer/wall. It was a little more time consuming and took twice as much lau (80+ leaves), but it I wasn't sure and wanted to err on the side of structural and aesthetic caution. I've since learned that the hinaʻi can be single wall.

The workshop(s) are sponsored by the Hawaiian Church of Hawaiʻi Nei:  Each workshop will consist of 2 days. Participants are required to attend both days for each workshop. No experience required but experienced people are very welcomed as the items that are made will be donated to lineal descendants or Native Hawaiian groups that malama na iwi kupuna. Please click on the link for registration information:

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