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Muʻumuʻu Month 2023

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January is Muʻumuʻu Month.  I don't have enough muʻumuʻu to wear a different one each day like some on social media, but I try to wear one whenever I leave the house.  So when we went to see Hamilton and then Muʻu at the Museum after, I had to doll up in my nicest holomuʻu...  A vintage Mamo Howell.

Seeing all the muʻumuʻu, holomuʻu, and holokū was amazing that night at Hānaiakamalama.  I confess, I fangirled-out seeing muʻu fashionistas that I follow on Instagram in person.  The mākeke was relatively small, but the vendors were excellent.

The following week, luncheon with muʻumuʻu friends at Kona Inn Restaurant:  Raynette, Joanie, Me, Sunshine, Cara, and Lori.  I'm in a "recent" white Princess Kaʻiulani Fashions.

Then weaving and lei hulu at the Eva Parker Woods Cottage.  It was wonderful to catch up with everyone and see their latest projects.  I'm wearing a blue floral "vintage" double tag collaboration of Bete Muʻu x Reyn Spooner (mentioned here) from DeStash Hawaii.  Love Spooner cloth as it breathes so well.

I had stopped accepting new pāpale orders due to health reasons (not life threatening anymore, just really inconvenient joint pain/residual side effects that affect weaving with consistent tension).  I'm also out of lauhala and in the process of cleaning/prepping a new batch.  It's an outside daytime sort of activity - as bugs, coqui frogs, geckos, etc. reside in the lau - so at night I've been using leftover mauʻu for smaller projects like bracelets and purses.  Although been asked, I'm not ready to sell purses.  Since 2003, I've made some 260+ pāpale but only about 7 or 8 purses.  They seem structurally sound, but I'm not ready to sell them just yet.  

Above is a new-to-me Hilo Hattie's holomuʻu (from Etsy Seller BohemianImports) and a little purse I had finished in December.  The mauʻu was "short" so the purse ended up less than four inches tall.  I also included copper RFID shielding fabric between the linings.  This cute little purse turned out perfect for carrying my phone, glasses, and a small wallet. 

The last Sunday in January, the Four Season Hualalai hosted a muʻu event at their Kaʻūpūlehu Cultural Center: muʻu swap, shop, lei making, refreshments, live music, "selfie station" and impromptu hula.  Agnes Terao-Guiala's muʻumuʻu book met us at the entry.  I was admiring the gorgeous lei hulu.

Aloha Victor had Kauluaʻe for sale too.  Above: Aloha and Cara.

Above: Raynette, Cara, and I posing at the "selfie station."  I'm in a "vintage" but really from probably the 1980-90s Princess Kaʻiulani Fashions from Kauaʻi Vintage via Instagram. It seems these days anything older than 10 years may be considered vintage.  LOL.

Mahalo nui to Ka'ai'ōhelo McAfee-Torco, the Kaū'pūlehu Cultural Center Manager, for organizing/coordinating such an enjoyable Muʻumuʻu Month Celebration.  I hope it becomes an annual thing!

Above: The bottom and top liner pieces.  Then hand stitching the top liner piece, with handles attached, to the main lining.  Last night, or early this morning really, I finished another purse.  It's 5-3/8 inches tall.  The fabric is from, where one can order a design printed on fabric of choice by the yard.  I liked this lei ʻilima design on heavy twill.  Turns out, it is lovely but not as forgiving as the bark cloth I used in the previous (small) purse. 

Above:  The "latest" purse in-progress, the lauhala outer part in background, next to the previous "short" purse with bark cloth.  Top view of the purse with zipper closed.  

Below:  The finished purse...  Kikokiko (naturally spotted) lauhala was gifted from multi-talented friend Ben Heloca; fabric from; vintage bamboo shaped lucite handles from eBay;  Koa heart shaped button from Woods by Herb; copper RFID shielding fabric from LessEMF; fabric interfacing and zipper from local quilt stores. 


Then, to close out Muʻumuʻu Month, Cara, Raynette, and I had luncheon today at Papa Kona Restaurant.  I'm wearing a vintage paisely Bete Muʻu from eBay.  Raynette may be a new convert to vintage muʻumuʻu!

Now back to cleaning my lau... 

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