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Summer Galivantings

Hawaiian style lauhala hat papale lauhala vintage style

June and July blew by as I just realized it's August! I've been catching up on stuff, trying to get lauhala processed, keep up with weeding, and some bona fide galivanting. I got to take my new-to-me holomū for a spin in a pīkake themed outfit. Had lunch with girlfriends Cara and Kimi. Kimi is wearing the vintage Mamo Howell mentioned in a previous blog entry. It fit her better and she just happened to have a lei hulu pīkake of her own that perfectly matched the holomū.

Then Cara got me hooked on DeStash Hawaii's Instagram... and I experienced my first online video conference muʻumuʻu shopping. Yep, retail is evolving! I'm appreciating the pockets and styling of Bete Muʻu. This one happens to be a "double tag" collaboration of Reyn Spooner fabric in Bete Muʻu classic style. I also very much appreciate being able to find cool vintage-y muʻumuʻu without having to scour the thrift stores IRL myself. I'd rather be weaving. LOL.


Attended a "haku" lei making workshop. I didn't get permission to post peoples' pictures so I just have these two pics to share. I tried to keep my lei simple and narrow using only palapalai, aʻaliʻi, lokelani, and ti leaves. I put my lei on my pāpale. The other gorgeous lei was made by Nikki who organized the workshop. Among the beautiful foliage, she had triple pīkake and ʻōhelo berries in her lei.

I ended my galivanting with a tour of the Kealakekua Forest Nursery at Kealakekua Mountain Reserve with Keliʻikanoe Mahi, Director of Hiki Ola. The seedlings below were being sprouted in a protective cage to prevent rats from eating them.

Kealakekua Mountain Reserve and Kealakekua Forest Nursery had an impressive amount of native trees and shrubs. They sell native plants at the "First Saturdays" Halekiʻi Market and their reforestation project is incredible and inspiring.

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