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Pāpale Are in Stock at Kimura's Lauhala Shop

Hawaiian style lauhala lauhala hat Lauhala weaving papale papale lauhala Ulana lauhala

I stopped by Kimura's Lauhala Shop the other day to pick up our coffee. Yes, I buy our coffee from a lauhala store. We drink 100% Kona Coffee. It may be considered premium coffee, but it tastes great "black" and we love supporting local agriculture. Also, the natural caffeine levels in fresher coffee makes it more cost effective and convenient, IMHO, as one doesn't have to drink as much to get the same wake up kick in the morning. Kimura's prices are very reasonable. The coffee doesn't travel far from farm to roaster to their store. I digress... Stopped by for coffee and talk story with Renee and saw that she had a new bunch of pāpale out on display. The pāpale were made by local Kona weavers. So just an FYI, if you're looking for a great Christmas gift that shouts KONA-HAWAIʻI, Kimura's has pāpale along with other cool lauhala items, accessories, hat bands, and 100% Kona Coffee.

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