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#InkTober2021 Theme: Hala-weenie

Hawaiian style lauhala

 Day 1
For the month of October, artists/sketchers draw with ink and share it in their social media. There are Inktober Rules & Prompts, but one can use their own prompts or themes. This is my first time participating in #InkTober. I was inspired by Seattle Urban Sketcher "Fueled By Clouds & Coffee" Tina Koyama. After reading her blogs and going down the rabbit hole of sketching with fountain pens, I bought my first fude nib fountain pen. An inexpensive Jinhao pink shark. After finding that I enjoyed sketching with a fude nib, I invested in a better quality Franklin-Christoph 02 (F-C 02) pen with a custom ground F-C Mark Bacas fude nib. The pink shark lives in my purse for quick sketches (rather than looking at my phone) when I'm out in the world. The F-C 02 stays home for the most part. The paper is a Koh-I-Noor Bristol Vellum sketchbook from Akamai Art Supply. I will be posting a lauhala related sketches on my Instagram each day in October, and adding to this blog throughout the month.
The first week of Inktober is done. Remembering to make time to do a little sketch each day seems like a decadent new habit, but seeing a small collection of sketches growing is exciting and satisfying.
The second week of Inktober is done.  I still haven't had time to do large "ambitious" drawings, but I am enjoying the smooth and crispness of the Koh-I-Noor Bristol Vellum paper.  The pages are shaped so that they may be removed and reinserted from the sketchbook. The nice ladies at Akamai Art Supply showed me this feature. At the time I didn't think much of it, but now realize it will be incredibly convenient when I scan the images to make Risograph screen printed notecards.  
Time is flying by. Third week of Inktober2021 is done. I tried to make bigger sketches and take advantage of whole sheets of the nice ink drawing paper.

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