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Ordering a Lauhala Hat

How do I order a bespoke lauhala hat? 

  1. Email with your name, hat size, and style of lauhala hat for a price estimate.  Prices start at $350 (US) for a small simple hat, such as a 20 inch Trilby or Fedora, and goes up depending on head size, brim size, style, and special patterns (if any).
  2. There will probably be a wait list of orders ahead of you.  You'll be given an approximate time frame and price estimate.  
  3. Confirm your name and hat order for the wait list.  No deposit is required. 
  4. You will be emailed a link to your hat when it is ready for purchase.  Please purchase your order within 3 days of receiving the email After three days, the item will become "visible" in the shop and others will be able to buy it. If you take too long to purchase it, someone else might. 

For more information about time frames, lauhala care, etc., go to the "Info" page and scroll down.