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Beware of HIGHLY Invasive and DEVASTATING Hala Scale

June 07, 2015
Hawaii weavers had been aware of the blight that destroyed the puhala on Maui island. It has now been confirmed on the North Shore of Moloka'i (2014) and Oahu (2013). The small infestation on Oahu was detected in 2013 and Hawaii Department of Agriculture is working to eradicate it.

The Hala Scale is a TINY (pin head sized) insect that causes leaf deformities, discoloration, stunting, twisting, yellowing, and premature death of the entire tree. It also infest the Hala fruit as another way to travel. It has no natural predatures/enemies in Hawaii to contain it and no pesticides are effective against it.

What people/we can do right now:
1- Do NOT move Hala plants (all Pandanus), seeds, or green leaves inter-island.
2- When collecting brown leaves from infested areas, double bag and freeze for two days.
3-Do not move brown leaves interisland or near uninfested areas without freezing first!
4- Do NOT visit UN-infested hala after being around infested Hala! Hala scale crawlers can hitch a ride!
5-Report new infestations on Oahu and other islands: Call 808-643-PEST or 808-973-9538. Email

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